TonksFMOur clients have been just as selective in choosing Shorlynes Tonkinese as we have been in choosing the homes for our kittens. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many people who have wanted a special new addition (or two!) to their family. Here are some of their kind words and their experiences.

“We adopted Islay, a champagne mink female, in February 2016. Islay is
our first cat. She adapted extremely well to her new home and I firmly
believe this is because of the careful, loving upbringing she received
from Karen. Karen made our experience memorable and I wholeheartedly
recommend Shorlynes to anyone interested in adding a Tonkinese to
their family.” — MS

“After much scrutiny, our two adorable Tonks “adopted us” in 2010. Karen made sure we passed the test and since then, we can’t imagine our lives without them. They’re perfect companions and they sure make working from home interesting. I’m always bouncing ideas off these two! Shorlynes Tonkinese is not only the most reputable breeder but also, Karen’s after-care and follow-up are remarkable.” — DD

“We obtained our Champagne Mink Tonkinese from Karen Clarke about a year ago.  She is now 13 months old, and an absolute delight. We have had many cats over the years, but were interested in the qualities of a Tonkinese: nice personality, social, smart, lively, not to mention really good looking! We are impressed with Karen Clarke as a cat-breeder and a person.  She raises her kitties in a clean, safe environment, and follows up to hear how the little ones are doing once they have left her care. We recommend you get a Tonk, and especially from Karen.” — NW

“I live in Ottawa and have 2 Tonkinese from Karen. They are wonderful and Karen is a very serious breeder. Before I decided on Tonkinese and Karen’s cattery, I did one year of research. I have been at Karen’s and she really cares for the well-being of her animals. She offers a clean, loving environment to her Tonkinese with good care. Mass production is not her thing. She insists on quality. I adopted a 7-year old female who is now 13. She is a sweet love bug. At the same time, I adopted a kitten who is now 7. He is sweet and full of energy. They are very smart cats and learn from each other. “Monkey see, monkey do” is their motto!” — DB

“I am a registered veterinary technician and pet groomer. I met Karen while working for a vet clinic in Kingston, Ontario about seven years ago. About a year later I became her groomer. I cannot say enough positive things about her. She is an incredible owner, breeder and person. She loves and takes the best care of all of her pets/family members. I can even say that she has taught me a couple of things about cats! I would not hesitate to tell you to get a kitten or an older cat from her.  I don’t think you will ever regret owning one of her cats.” — DG

“I have three Tonkinese cats that I got as kittens from Karen. My first two are brothers, now nine years old, and my third is a little female platinum Tonk who is seven. They are wonderful cats, beautifully socialized. A very reassuring thing about getting a cat from Karen is you know your cat will have a champion for life. Karen doesn’t forget her cats once they go to a new home. She follows up on their progress and is ready to offer advice if needed. I highly recommend Karen as a breeder.  You won’t find better.” — CK

“Karen is a person who loves all, is very patient, is meticulous, offers excellent advice, and cares deeply about each of her step-children-cats. She will be as careful checking you out as you will be checking her out which will guarantee the best possible outcome.” — HV

“Can’t speak highly enough of both Karen and her cats. We bought Keldah from Karen just over 10 years ago and are absolutely delighted with our Tonkinese. Be prepared for them to become very much part of the family (we have two and it is just like having two 2-year olds at times)! You need have no worries dealing with Karen, she has become a great friend and we visit if we’re ever back East or when she comes West.” — JM

“We visited with Karen and must say she is a wonderful breeder who so loves her animals. There is little thought of anything but their welfare and she vetted us as much as we vetted her. Karen actually brought Sasha to us as we could not get to Kingston the second time to pick him up, but it was much more to the good for she could see at that time what a loving home he was coming to. We have no hesitation in recommending Karen and we know you will get as much joy from this wonderful breed as we have.” — DC

“My partner and I adopted our Tonk from Karen in early December 2009. “Lola” is healthy and happy. She was very well-adjusted to humans, right from the moment we got home, thanks in large part to Karen’s socialization. We are absolutely thrilled with her. Karen is the first and only breeder that we have ever dealt with, so our experience is limited. Having said that, we highly recommend her. The home environment for the kittens was clean, healthy and happy. Karen is knowledgeable and very helpful. She also really cares about her kittens, even after she sends them out into the world. Tonks are really wonderful cats!” — TR


“Wake up already. We’re hungry!!”

… and from other reputable Tonkinese breeders:

“I adopted 2 kittens from Karen in 2002, Andy and Tillie. We live in Australia and if we had not come to Canada to meet her, Karen would not have let her babies come to the other side of the world but thankfully we passed the test. Both cats are beautiful and have the sweetest natures. Karen is a very responsible and careful breeder. She does all she can to make sure all her cats are healthy and happy and her kittens have the best start in life. If you think you would like to add a Tonkinese to your family you should make a trip to Karen’s and you will see how beautiful and well cared for her cats are.”
— Dorothy Robinson, Starex Tonkinese, Australia

“We are happy to vouch for Karen Clarke’s high reputation and highly recommend her as a breeder. We have both gotten cats from her and allowed her to have kittens from our lines.”
— Dennis & Joanne Wheeler, Starstrutter Cattery, Washington

“I am a Tonkinese breeder in Southern Minnesota. I have known Karen Clarke for many years and I know she has enriched my life as a friend. She is a very caring person and cares very much for the Tonkinese breed. Her Tonkinese are very loving and personable cats and kittens. She is very careful and selective in her breeding program and her main goal is to produce a healthy and loving cat. I think she has done a wonderful job! I also feel that it is important to visit the breeder’s home and meet the cats. Karen is very open to having people do this so visit and enjoy!”
— Jo Ann Payfer, Payfurpurr’s, Minnesota