You’re choosing a pedigree animal for an assurance of its history, including the breed’s physical and personality attributes. It’s just as important to consider the conditions in which your pet was raised during its first weeks of life. Any good breeder will tell you that proper feeding, socialization and attention to health are incredibly important in addition to bloodline.

Our Breeders


Starex NormanStarex Norman
is a Champagne Solid from Starex Tonkinese from Sydney, Australia.




YodaYoda is a Champagne Point from our cattery.





StarchildStarchild is a Natural Point from Selella Cats in Pennsylvania, USA.





Kittens are $1,000 each$1,900 for two if both kittens are reserved at the same time. Cost of the kitten includes alter surgery (spay or neuter), immunizations current for the date they leave. The price excludes micro chipping. There is an extra cost for transportation, if required.

Shorlynes Tonkinese will do everything to ensure you receive the healthiest, happiest Tonkinese possible. Your cat will have visited the vet at least three times, and be fully vaccinated against Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus. We also provide a health guarantee for any genetic problems.


We care a great deal about our Tonks after they leave our home. For this reason, our contract specifies that your cat will be indoor only unless fully supervised and on harness or in an approved cat enclosure. Our contract also forbids declawing of your cat – ever; this painful procedure can irreversibly alter your cat’s temperament and health. If you have thought about declawing your cat, check out this site. There are many good reasons why this cruel practice is banned in many countries.

Available Adoptions


We often have a few kittens available although they do get snapped up quickly. Check out our News page for the latest on availability or contact Karen directly for more information.

Danu Tu KittensYoda and Norman's litter of October, 2015

Retired Tonks and other cat rescues

From time to time, some Tonks may come available for adoption when they are retired from breeding or in the unfortunate circumstance when their owners are unable to care for them. And as a lover of ALL cats, Shorlynes Tonkinese also occasionally has non-Tonk rescues needing new forever-homes. Enrich your life with the addition of a sweet, loving older cat and contact Karen.

Tonks and pals

Shorlynes Tonkinese is also a firm believer in TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs and is very dedicated in supporting local initiatives.