Thoughtful consideration in what you feed your new feline friend will pay off over its lifetime. Not only will it prolong their faithful companionship, but it may very well help avoid painful and costly diseases. Premium cat food may be more expensive but it’s worth considering when one less significant vet bill a year could make up that cost difference!

At Shorlynes, we believe feeding your cat a raw diet has been proven to be most beneficial and will lead to healthier, happier cats in the long run. However, if a raw diet is not feasible, we highly recommend canned food (wet/moist) over dry food (kibble). While dry food may be convenient and less expensive, experience has shown that a wet diet guarantees essential hydration in cats who don’t drink enough water.

Raw food

Canned food (grain-free is ideal)

You can find ratings of some of the many foods available at and at  And always ensure your Tonkinese has plenty of fresh water available.


To improve and maintain the overall health of our cats, we include two supplements in their diet:

  • L-lysine is an immune booster. Add 1 capsule of L-lysine to each cup of dry food (we use the Shoppers Drug Mart brand).
  • Multi Strain Probiotic adds “good” bacteria to the digestive tract and is beneficial in aiding digestion and stimulating the immune system’s natural defenses. We add 1 capsule of Multi Strain Probiotic to each cup of dry food (we purchase ours at COSTCO).


Treats play an important role in your cat’s diet, and can be used in training your Tonkinese as well. There are two favourites in our home:

  • Halo Liv-a-Littles® freeze-dried 100% chicken breast treats are the best treats we have found that most cats like.
  • Cat-Man-Doo™ Dried Bonito Flakes are well liked, and an excellent source of protein and taurine which is an amino acid that is essential for feline health.


We use covered pans in our home, and always place a soft bath mat at the entrance to the litter pan to capture any litter left on the paws when kitty exits. There are three litters we can recommend. Most are clay-free and unscented formulas are better in the long-run:

  • World’s Best Cat Litter This premium corn-based litter is very long lasting, lighter than clay and easy to scoop. Available at most pet food retailers.
  • Scoopable Feline Fresh Litter Pine-based,this flushable litter is long lasting and easy to scoop. If you’re considering this litter, it’s worth looking into their frequent buyer’s program.
  • SweatScoop Natural Wheat Litter This litter’s natural wheat enzymes work continuously to neutralize litter box odor, no matter how many cats you have.
  • Cat Attract For kitties with litter issues, this brand offers several options to help cure bad litter habits. However, Cat Attract is clay-based which makes it much heavier to handle and scoop.


TonkPlayYou will want to have toys your Tonkinese can play with independently as well as wands and other toys you can use for playtime together. Tonks will reward your playtimes with energy, affection and hours of entertainment.

Tonks love playing hide’n’seek. Jysk offers a great cat tunnel for those on the run!

Watch how a simple wand with feathers becomes game for Pica and Scipio, two Shorlynes Tonks who now live in Toronto:

Pica, Scipio & Feathers: 3 minutes of fun!

Scratching posts

TonkTreeCats need to scratch to fulfill their natural instincts and maintain their claws at a comfortable length. Any style of scratching post is acceptable so long as the cat can reach up to its full height – and Tonks sure love their heights! You can find pretty good scratching posts at PetSmart. With hundreds of locations across Canada and the US, they are a convenient place to look before you buy. Our favourite posts are from Cloud9. They produce custom cat trees designed to match your décor through a selection of carpet colour and configurations. We now have four of their trees and more are on our wishlist! And for your urbane sophistiCATS, check out Modern Cat for über cool scratching posts and other great cat gear!